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Welcome To Joes Board & Timber

Joes Board & Timber is one of the largest distributors of boards and bord products in Gauteng.

The shareholding of the company reflects a 100% black ownership.
Being a small to medium enterprise, majority of the shareholders are also directors of the company.
The executive and senior management of the company are all members of the previously disadvantaged group.
The directors of the company are actively involved in the day-to-day management and control of the business.
We are Suppliers of Timber, board and furniture fittings
• Chipboard • Shutterboard • Melamine • Lam pine timber • Veneered Boards • Solid wood • Exotic plywood • Formica, laminates & post-form tops • Hardboard • Wrapped doors • Softboard • Hardware • Doors • All cabinet accessories & fittings